Winter CSA Program

A Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) gives subscribers a weekly supply of produce that is cut by hand daily, from our fields.  Joining our Winter CSA is the easiest way of continuing to bring fresh, naturally grown foods to your table long past summer and after the Farmers Markets are closed for the season.

The share that you will receive each week will be packed into a box filled with various vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We do our very best to provide you with a variety of produce.  Often times it may contain produce you usually purchase and sometimes it will contain produce you have never purchased and will get to cook for the first time! However the produce you receive will reflect what's harvested at that point in the growing season and is always fresh.  We will always do our best to provide all that we have promised.

Our Winter CSA season runs from mid-October - mid-December.

What produce will be included in a Winter Share?

The types of vegetables that may be included can be fit into the following categories:

Lettuces • Spinach • Mustard Greens • Collard Greens • Kale • Swiss Chard • Arugula • Escarole • Bok Choy • Chinese Broccoli

Broccoli • Brussels Sprouts • Cabbage • Cauliflower • Kohlrabi

Yellow Onions • Red Onions • Sweet Onions • Garlic • Shallots • Leeks

Beets • Carrots • Fennel • Parsnips • Potatoes • Turnips • Winter Radishes

Sugar Pumpkins • Delicata • Sweet Dumpling • Baby Hubbard • Buttercup • Butternut • Kabocha • Acorn • Sweetmeat • More

Fresh Winter Fruit • Fresh Eggs • Fresh Honey • Fresh Canned Goods • Fresh and Dried Herbs *Some of these will be provided by our trusted local farmer friends.

*All crops subject to weather conditions and availability.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that before you decide that you don’t like particular vegetables, you eat them at the time of year they were designed to be eaten. Not only are they beautiful, they are delicious!

How much produce will be in the box each week?

We will do our best to include at least one item from each category in the above list in each week’s allotment. Below we have estimated an approximate quantity of produce you could expect to receive in your small or large share box each week..

Remember, this is just a representation. Actual weekly harvest will vary from week to week, and with weather conditions.

Sample October Harvest

Small Share:
1 head Lettuce • 1 crown Broccoli • 1 pound Carrots • 1 bunch Italian Parsley •
1 bunch Arugula • 1 bunch Swiss Chard • 1 pound Potatoes • 1 Buttercup Squash •
1 Miscellaneous

Large Share:
2 heads Lettuce • 2 crowns Broccoli • 2 pound Carrots • 1 bunch Italian Parsley •
2 bunches Arugula • 1 bunch Swiss Chard • 2 pounds Potatoes • 1 Buttercup Squash •
1 Buttercup Squash • 1 Miscellaneous

Sample December Harvest

Small Share:
1 head Lettuce • 1/2 pound Spinach • 2 Leeks • 1 pound Carrots • 1 bundle of radishes •
1 pound Golden Beets • 1 pound Potatoes • 1 pound Turnips • 1 Delicata Squash •
1 Miscellaneous

Large Share:
2 heads Lettuce • 1 pound Spinach • 3 Leeks • 2 pounds Carrots • 2 bundles of radishes • 2 pounds Golden Beets • 2 pound Potatoes • 1 pound Turnips •
1 Delicata Squash • 1 Miscellaneous

Small Share
Large Share
Small Share example
Large Share example
How long will the Winter Shares last and what will they cost?

The winter shares will begin mid-October, and will run into December, for 10 weeks.

If it looks like we will continue to have a good supply of produce through December, all subscribers will have the option of extending their subscriptions for a weekly fee. We will harvest every week, with the exception of the weeks surrounding the holidays.

$335 for a Small Winter Share*
15 weeks of winter produce
($310 before 9/1/2020 – save $15)

$575 for a Large Winter Share*
15 weeks of winter produce
($550 before 9/1/2020 – save $35)

Most of our expenses for seed, fertilizers and repairs occur long before we have anything to harvest.  The earlier you pay us, the more it helps us be able to offer this program to you.

How will you get your produce?

You have two options to pick up your weekly share of fresh produce. 

1. You can pick up on Saturdays at the farm in Kent at the strawberry house between 9:00am to 12:00pm. 

2. You can choose to have it delivered to your work or home, on Saturdays.  There will be an additional $50 delivery fee added to your total share so that we can pay for labor and transportation.

Shares are limited.  Reserve yours now!

How do I sign up for a share ?

  • If you would be interested in joining our WINTER CSA, please download the application (will be posted later this year) and mail it in to:

    Lee's Fresh Produce
    27221 - 122nd Ave. SE
    Kent, WA 98030.
Winter CSA in Kant Washington