Our Story

In 2001, the Lee family started growing a wide range of vegetables, herbs and flowers on a 5-acre farm in Kent, Washington. The farm has grown over the years to 40 acres and is still family run and owned by the second generation of the Lee family. Fresh produce from the farm is sold at Seattle area Farmers Markets, specialty grocery stores, and direct to restaurants. Stop by our booth at the market to see what we're growing this month!


Holiday and Dried Flower Wreaths

Fresh Holiday Wreaths are available from November through December.

They’re aromatic and feature a combination of noble fir, balsam, incense cedar, holly berries and pine cones. We also make holiday wreaths that include dried flowers to create stunning holiday creations.

Dried-flower wreaths are available year-round at our stand in Pike Place Market.


Spring Flowers

Bouquets and Cut Flowers are available in the spring at our stand at Pike Place Market, as well as our farm stand. Learn more

Small bouquet of Flowers

Farm Stand

Farm Stand is closed forthe season - see you next summer!

Farm fresh produce kent wa

Farm Address

4308 S. 212th Street
Kent, WA

U-Pick Strawberries

Strawberries at Kent wa farm stand

U-pick Strawberries is closed for the season ... see you next summer!

Click here for U-Pick information and rules.



"Friendly family-run place, we had a good time with the U - pick strawberries and didn't have to drive far."

Jason Nghiem

"Love the fresh produce. The sugar peas are my families favorite. We have to go to your stand every time we visit the farmers market. Thank you for the fresh yummies :) - "

Monica Cox

"I love shopping at Lee’s Fresh Produce! I am a huge believer in “eating your greens”. I find that Lee’s has the best greens in the Issaquah Farmer’s Market. Veggies begin to lose their nutritional content soon after being harvested. I know that when I buy greens at Lee’s, that they were picked within the last 24 hours. So that way I know that I am buying the freshest and most nutrient rich foods I can for my family. Buying my veggies at Lee’s is a terrific investment in my family’s health. Christy always has a smile on her face when i see her. She is also a terrific resource for recipes & cooking tips!"

Deborah Enos, Certified Nutritionist, Author

"Christie always greats me with a smile and introduces her family and asks about how my day, week, or life is going while I’m picking through her veggies. I noticed that she asks her other customers the same things and she will ask about something that happen last week, month or even last year. She really remembers each and every one of her customers.

Christie’s veggies are always neatly arranged for convenience, everything is labeled in case you don’t know what this or that veggie is. Christie is also very knowledgeable on how to prepare the veggies with whatever dish that you are preparing.

Ahh freshness, let’s not forget about this important subject. Her veggies are extremely fresh; I’ve been told that she picks them the morning before the market with a penlight. And I believe it. I’m not too sure about them being certified “organic” but, I do know, that what you buy, you have to eat that week. That’s proof that she does not use pesticides or any preservatives, everything is all natural.

And as for the price, you can not go to any brick and mortar store that sells a lot of groceries and get a better price or quality than hers."

Tommy Walker

"It's been fun to visit your booth, look around your produce, and purchase some of them every Saturday morning. I don't have a big refrigerator to store lots of veggies, so I have to constantly remind myself of it when I am at the market. It is a serious challenge for me.

Yes, please put my email on your list of your weekly newsletter. It's always nice to learn something new, be informed, and particularly remind me of your hard work. I have visited your website, and have deeply touched by the history of Lee's Fresh Produce, your devotion to your produce, your love for food, your appreciation of health, families and friends, and the earth. It was quite an inspiration to me. Thank you so much!

Best wishes to you, your family, and Lee's Fresh Produce."